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2022 SL AWD Build Date Mar 2022
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Hi @RcDyar, and thanks for this post.
I thought I had seen that @DRK-PTHFNDR, had already answered this, perhaps in another thread??
Anyway, if my memory is working right, I thought he had suggested since you are in/on the compass screen, it might be the weather - it's sunny out!
I see @Rxdawg215 made a similar suggestion, too!
What do you think?

I am going to try it next, when I get in the car and use the compass screen!

P.S. I guess my memory is working correctly. Here is the link to the post by @DRK-PTHFNDR (a great resource here in our community), in which he refers to the compass screen and weather icon:
In fact, he was answering your question (@RcDyar), from another thread!!
These posts can get confusing at times...:eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts