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Yeah this really blows. They don't hold enough oil. Once you spot a leak it's likely too late and it's going to be toast and cost you $2-3K to replace.

This TSB says they hold 5/8 of a pint. That's a hair over 8 ounces. I've drained and refilled the T-case on my 2019 Pathfinder 3x and not only have I never gotten this much out of it, I'm not able to put that much back in before it starts pouring out of the fill / level check plug.

The first 2 times I drained and filled the T-case on mine, the gear oil that drained out was quite black and had a metallic sheen to it.

It's an item I would not neglect on a 2013+
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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