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Hey there, we have a 2018 PF, and are about to purchase a Jayco Flight West 174BH. It's just under 22', with a dry weight of 3,075lbs. They are going to install a total tow kit package as well. A bit nervous as to how our PF will pull it though. Any input or experiences?
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I ended up installing Dobinsons C45-421s this week. Even as a stock driver, its great and I probably should of done that awhile ago. Will update how the towing went after next trip. Also, with my PUP I dont use a WDH. Seems like a massive pain in the ass to rejig since I use my utility trailer more frequently
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This was last trip, PUP is loaded with gear/luggage. Usually the kayaks are on top as well. Still a bit of sag but wayyy better than it was before. Could even tell while driving it was much improved
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