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Do you know if there's a practical way to install a 7 pin tow hitch and harness?
In my previous 2017 Pathfinder I installed it myself. Installing tow hitch receiver, harness and finisher is not hard. The thing is 2022 Pathfinder wire harness as optional accessory comes only as 4-pin as far as I know.
You need to consider the following:
1. If you swap original 4-pin harness with 7-pin, 2022 PF finisher most likely will not work.
2. You will need to research if 2013-2020 7-pin harness will work for 2022 PF. You need to consider cable lengths, relays etc.

These are part numbers for 2022 PF:
  • Tow Hitch: T99T5-6TA0A
  • Tow Hitch Finished: T99T5-6TA60
  • Tow Hitch Harness: T99T8-6TA0A
2013-2020 7-pin harness:
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