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I have 3,000 miles and apparently the dash has to be removed to fix a broken HVAC already and I live an hour from the dealer. Not happy at all. This is strike #1 and when I get to 3 Nissan will be banned. I already have several more problems related to stuff like auto steering driving the car against the right hand line, dangerously. That will have to be looked at as the steering system is useless, making the smart driving features basically useless.

I feel sorry for people buying the fancy new electric car Nissan has been talking about for 10 years. It is not smart at all if it’s anything like my pathfinder. Those systems are terrible.

I also don’t like the engine off feature. It lunges when it restarts and some people will end up in the back of cars in front of them over it.

I just wish I could tear out all the stupid broken “automatic everything “ junk and the car would be fine. As it is, this is a bunch of defective, half-baked ridiculousness. 3,000 miles and I’m about 50% done already.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts