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The rare 08 v8 for sale: colorado

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Anyone happen to be looking for the v8 model pathfinder? 2008 full tow package 7 blade trailer harness, airlift system. Lots of power, lots of fun, lots of gas. Want it to go to someone who would appreciate it being as there were so few made. It's red, I'll upload some pictures to go with it tonight or tomorrow. Message me if interested! 194k miles on it, very well maintained, recently replaced ECM and bought an extra one while I was at it, same with the IPDM.

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Here's a few, I was going to wash it and detail it and take more, but this will beat a blank for now! Some small dents on the hood, but outside of the great shape, drivers seat has some wear, nothing major. Runs and drives great, ac compressor just went out, had my mechanic evac the lines for me to make the repair quicker once I buy the parts for it.
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