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Spotter Mirror for 2022-2023 Pathfinder

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I also have a 2020 Tacoma and had purchased replacement mirror glass from Spotter Mirror for it and they work great. They have a separate small wide-angle mirror on the outside bottom that can be adjusted to view your rear tires or for viewing the blind spot. The small mirror moves with the main mirror and has a separate gimbal for its adjustments.

They were not cheap (~$110 per mirror) but work great for viewing the blind spot and you can see two lanes over on a freeway.
Mirror Automotive side-view mirror Car Vehicle Automotive mirror

I checked with them for Spotter Mirrors for my new 2023 Platinum and they don’t have them, yet. They said they did not have the OEM mirror part numbers and I was able to find them on the web and sent to them.

I am trying to gauge demand so I can feed it back to Spotter Mirror to speed up development and release for purchase.

My question to the forum is:

Is this something that R53 owners would like to purchase?

Let me now in the comments and I will feed it back to the manufacturer.

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I use one like this on my Pathfinder and it does the same thing for a couple of bucks.

Mirror Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Car Motor vehicle
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