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SOLVED: Trunk door closing issues. Closes by itself.

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Starting today after unloading some boxes, whenever I open my trunk either from key or from the back or from the front trunk button, it beeps once it reaches to the top and then closes by itself. I couldnt find any similar issues on the web or forum. I need help!! Any ideas?:(
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Hey folks

Have had my 2014 for a year and a half now. Last night had a crapload of freezing rain and when opening it to load the stroller the tailgate banged into the ice and re closed it with a few beeps. After that it would go to the top, beep and close again anytime we opened it. We tried cleaning the roof and sensors but it didn't work. After reading this thread I opened it, caught it and held it when it started to close, and stopped the mechanism. I then held the tailgate close button for five seconds and heard a few beeps and let go and it's now working fine. Thanks all
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