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SOLVED: Trunk door closing issues. Closes by itself.

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Starting today after unloading some boxes, whenever I open my trunk either from key or from the back or from the front trunk button, it beeps once it reaches to the top and then closes by itself. I couldnt find any similar issues on the web or forum. I need help!! Any ideas?:(
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Ok, here's the easy way.

Mine seems to forget how far it can actually go every once in a while, so it thinks it can open further but something is obstructing it's path, so it tries to close.

Whenever it starts to close, I just hit the anti-smash sensors (they look like an extra tube seal on the side of the tailgate where it meets the body of the vehicle).

Since now it stops so it doesn't smash your fingers, I can position it where it's supposed to be and then hold the close button till it beeps.

It remembers the new location until the next time it gets memory loss.

Just make sure you hit that finger sensor while it's in motion, not actually about to close.
Don't want to take a chance of the sensor malfunctioning....
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