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SOLVED: Trunk door closing issues. Closes by itself.

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Starting today after unloading some boxes, whenever I open my trunk either from key or from the back or from the front trunk button, it beeps once it reaches to the top and then closes by itself. I couldnt find any similar issues on the web or forum. I need help!! Any ideas?:(
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Anyone know how to reset this without having to go to dealer? A bit ridiculous Nissan would allow this to occur.
See post# 2 above. If that doesn't solve it, take it back to the dealer and ask them if there is a way that you can perform the calibration yourself.

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My trunk on my 2015 with 5,600km , it just all of a sudden the trunk button on the liftgate to close it does not work at all. The remote button to open trunk works fine to open and close it but if I push button on license plate to open it just unhinged and have to open manually and the button won't close it. Any ideas??
Yes, read this thread.
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