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Sold the Pathfinder :(

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Hello everyone,

I made the tough decision to trade in my 2022 Pathfinder. I bought the SL trim in September 2021. I really liked the car and did not have any major issues with it. Only real issue that we had was the height of the passenger seat and I started one of the popular threads on the issue here. I had a few other random issues like AC not coming on some times but really nothing major. Other than that, it was pretty reliable. Only put 14,000 miles on it in one year and 7 months

It was my wife's car, and she had a 2013 Ford F-150 FX2 prior to that. She liked driving the truck for 8 years. I tried to talk her into replacing the truck with the PF since we got a good offer on the truck at that time. Personally, i liked the feel and handling of the PF. However, after a year and half my wife was really wanting to have a truck again. Dealers around me started getting a lot of trucks on their lots again so I started looking for a replacement to the PF.

I paid MSRP for the PF in 09/2021 which was $41,900 with no markup. CarMax offered $37k for it which seemed to be reasonable. I ended up getting a new GMC Sierra 1500 SLT which I was able to get for $8000 below MSRP. Different car and totally different feel and now to deal with a new set of issues :)

Till my next Nissan....

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As bad as these electronics are on the PF SL, mine is headed for trade on a Toyota ForeRunner. Never a Nissan again, bad experience all around.
That's funny, that's exactly what we have - my wife drives a 2022 Pathfinder and I drive a 2020 Sierra SLT. Personally, I'd rather drive my Sierra any day. The PF is fine, but I really don't like the transmission and after our last time coming out of the car wash and trying to get it back in drive, I was ready to give it back. Sometimes you have to hold the button in to go back into drive, sometimes you don't. Sometimes hold it for a second, sometimes take the shifter back as fast as you can. This last time coming out of the car wash, w/ a car right behind us, on the third try it went to first gear. Had to pull over, put it into park, and then get it back into drive. Stupid thing.

Ditto. the transmission is out of a little tykes toy car. It’s a joke.
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