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In my 20 years buying new vehicles I have never owned one which at some point did not have some type of recall or issue beyond normal wear and tear requiring dealer visits. I have owned both luxury and domestic brands and always been the case regardless of first year model or mature platform. I would challenge forum members to think of new vehicles purchased and kept for at least 4-5 years where outside of scheduled maintenance you have not received some kind of postcard or learned at a dealer visit about a missing bolt, surprise free repair, or inspection required to ensure all is well. Probably count in one hand the people I know in my lifetime where that has been the case.

I am truly sorry to hear about the repeated issues some of our members are having and I realize how frustrating it can be having had some minor repeated issues with my own Pathfinder. Thankfully we have laws, warranties, and protections given to us while though painful to follow will ultimately ensure a proper and fair course of action is the end result even though sometimes in rare cases it may not be in our favor. Nevertheless for every unhappy owner there are 1000 out there who are quite pleased with their car so keeping things in perspective is important. At the end of the day the importance of having a great dealer service dept who will be patient and understanding is more critical to the experience than anything else. Some of us have been lucky in this regard while others have not. The service dept where I bought my car was terrible but luckily it was not my local dealership who have been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable at making sure I was happy. I have been fortunate with my Dec 2012 build that I have not seen any of the major issues in my car reported here. I have worked closely with Nissan NA who for me have bent over backwards to make sure I was happy with repairs and my experience. I painfully went through the process and came out of it with a free long term Gold Plus Preferred warranty with zero deductible prepaid maintenance so I will not have to pay for any repair or scheduled maintenance for quite some time. Funny thing is that this was not compensation for a major problem.

So what is my point here or question I am asking? Frankly that it pays to keep your cool, to be patient, courteous, and most important a well informed car owner that can partner with your dealer to resolve our concerns. This forum is a great tool to that end. If you are not having luck with a particular person or service rep ask for someone else. Dont like your local dealer? Driving to the dealer in the next town may payoff huge dividends. Still no luck call Nissan NA who has a great deal of influence and power to get things done. Worst case the lemon laws will get you a new car. Sometimes despite the best intentions some people simply cant help us or do not know enough or are too proud to say that maybe someone else can do a better job. I do this all the time with many different aspects of my daily life and works great. It is in the best interest of Nissan and its affiliates to keep us happy. Fill out those surveys! I have seen rapid responses for both my new Nissan car purchases recently from both Dealers and Nissan NA to make sure all was resolved to my liking. Keep at it, keep sharing, keep records, keep phone logs.. the power of an organized well informed customer is mighty. Nothing in life is perfect and I rather focus on the largely positive experience with my Pathfinder than lose my mind over the occasional service issue. Its just part of car ownership.

What do you think?
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