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2022 Pathfinder SL 2WD
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So I noticed this last week, I have an SL with the bench 2nd row and I started to hear this rattling sound when I hit a bump or go over anything that is not smooth on the road. I was able to pinpoint the rattling is coming from the bottom part of the 2nd row bench, the larger portion since it splits 60/40. If someone is sitting on the middle, then there is no rattling. I tried to look under the sit but nothing looks loose. I can recreate the sound if I lightly punch the backrest of the bench seat.

Has anyone experienced something similar? is not terribly annoying if I have music playing, but when I want to enjoy a quiet ride, all I hear is that rattling every time I go over something not smooth on the road, like a manhole.

I will bring it up to the dealer when my first service is due but I am about 2 or 3 months out before I need to do the first oil change.
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