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Hi guys.
Please it will be difficult for me to explain the problem with my Nissan Pathfinder r51 due to lack of terminology. Iam writing from Croatia.
Lets try.
After rain i have problems with the engine start and it seems that there in NO or bad SIGNAL between the key and the antenna(?) To recognize the contactless key.
I was at the Nissan service and thay said the wires was in corrosion.
Thay changed it but still have the similar problem, plus it seems that the 4wd also is not working proprely after some hours of rain.
The WD LIGHT is on but after one day of sun or anyhow dry weather everithing turns back to normal.
Whan rainy even if i turn back the power ignition the motor would not stop and keeps running.
The control lights on the cockpit go blinking even if i shut off the motor draining the battery power.

Please if someone have had the same problem let me know.

Nissan Pathfinder r51, 2005 4wd diesel 174 hp

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Hi Paul, welcome to the forum.

You may not have noticed it, but this forum specializes in the new-gen R52 platform Pathfinder but we have a section where the older Pathys are discussed here. I'm moving this post to that section so perhaps you'll get a better response there. Also try the other forum noted at the top of the posts. Good luck!
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