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Popping sound underneath driver side

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Pop noise coming from underneath the driver left foot. Issue presents in the range of 20-30 Mph . It started occasionally and now it does it every single day. Just this morning while backing out to the street the sound kicked in but that was about 3 Mph... other than that the sound is in the 20-30 Mph range, ( Usually 25 MPH ).

You can FEEL the popping underneath the left foot.
( I don't use the foot rest in the corner )

Have never looked underneath the pathfinder but was just seeking some info before getting into it this week with the oil changes. Have encounter various post of people dealing with sway bar bushings so will tackle that out of the way just in case. Any other ideas or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Purchased the vehicle 2014 S FWD with 60k currently 66k.

Thank you guys.
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Are the wheels turned or are you going over a bump when the noise happens?
Are the wheels turned or are you going over a bump when the noise happens?
While driving straight or making turns (Yields). As long as its in that range of speed usually.
Over bumps or completely smooth pavement?
Smooth pavement in the city. I will attempt to video tape it and post the link.
Get underneath and look for lose heat shields, straps, plastic covers, missing clips or anything else that could move with the wind. On smooth pavement it is unusual to hear suspension noises.
Check the strut, sadly this may require more than one person and not necessarily disassembly for closer inspection.
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