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Get popcorn, long read.

A couple of months ago I started getting a CEL for code P2096 Powertrain - Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1.
The code could be cleared but would come back 2-3 weeks later. I believe after X amount of cycles.
I search about it and basically it came to an exhaust or vacuum leak. At the time the exhaust seemed fine and I wasn't really in the mood to chase a vacuum leak so, because there were no performance issues, I decided to ignore it and postpone fixing it till Spring.
A week ago, two more codes came up, P0138 Powertrain - O2 Sensor High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2) and P0037 Powertrain - O2 Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 1 Sensor 2). This was good as now I knew where the issue was and that most likely I only had to replace that sensor.
On Monday, wife calls... "the car sounds like our son's car" (he did a muffler delete). It didn't surprise me as I already had reasons to believe the exhaust could be on its way out. The big flange right under the dash area completely detached, right where the red line is:
Arm Vertebrate Mammal Gesture Organism

Flex pipes (blue circle) lost the braided cover long ago (but are not leaking) so I thought on replacing this whole piece. My son suggested to take it to his muffler guy, to which him and many of his friends are frequent customers of, to see what else could be done. They offered to put a new flange for $60 CAD to which I could not say no. Too cheap to decline.

This fixed the noise and code P2096, the other two remain but should be easy to fix by replacing the sensor.

Started looking for the right PN to order and here is where the saga begins. By the end of 2014 Nissan switched many of the electronics so some 2015's got A and some other got B. With A and B not being compatible.
This is why many people that replace the AC compressor on a 2015 end having issues and then have to replace the auto-amp to fix it.

So, I need Bank 1 Sensor 2. Bank 1 is the one at the front, close to the radiator, some websites call it left. (Edited: Big error, see post #11)
Sensor 2 is the one after the pre-cats and its confusing as they call these catalytic converters but then also use that same name for the one that comes right before the flange. Some manufacturers will use the word upstream to refer to sensor 1 and downstream for sensor 2 and some will call sensor 1 the air-fuel ratio sensor.

This is what you encounter when you go to Rockauto:

Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Number

Rectangle Font Parallel Operating system Screenshot

Purple Rectangle Violet Operating system Font

NTK offers the same downstream sensor for either bank and state (OEM / Interchange Numbers: 226A04JM0B, 226A04LA1A, 226A0BV81A)
Denso offers a specific PN for downstream right (OEM / Interchange Numbers: 226A03YM0A, 226A04LA0A, 226A04LA1A) and left (OEM / Interchange Numbers: 226A04JM0B, 226A0BV80A, 226A0BV81A)
Walker and Bosch list a cut-off date of 09/2014, mine was built 11/2014.
Walker offers the same sensor for right and left if built after 09/2014

Went to a Nissan parts website attempting to clarify this and came to this diagram:

Product Organism Font Line Auto part

Which one is bank 1 and which one is bank 2? I am inclined to think that 22690NA is bank 1 as its matches the orientation of the pic of the PF in the upper right. Thoughts?

This is for 22690NA
Font Rectangle Parallel Number Circle

and this for 22690N
Rectangle Font Parallel Number Circle

According to my built date of 11/2014, I should need PN 226A0-BV81B (replaced 226A0-BV80A and 226A0-BV81A) or PN 226A0-4LA1A (replaced 226A0-4LA0A). Remember how NTK states that their part is a replacement for either one of these?
Denso says that their left replaces 226A0BV81A and their right one replaces 226A04LA1A.

At this point I'm convinced bank 1 sensor 2 is 226A0BV81B. I already ordered an Oxygen Sensor tool as its impossible to remove it with a regular wrench and I'm going to take it off it and see if I there is a PN on it.

I've replaced these on various vehicles and has never been this complicated.... always got Denso so most likely do that as well for the PF.

Here are a couple of pics of the offender:

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Sorry if I missed it, but have you tried to remove the offending O2 sensor?

I'd go to the guy who only charged your $60 to fix the rusted off flange to see if he could sort out the O2 sensor issue. Maybe you can get some part numbers of the factory one.
I tried but a fixed wrench would not fit.

I already ordered an Oxygen Sensor tool as its impossible to remove it with a regular wrench and I'm going to take it off it and see if I there is a PN on it.
The kit arrived last night. I'll try to remove it this weekend.

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I got to remove the sensor. First time using the special sockets, not hard to do, just need to alter from one side to the other as the socket hits and doesn't turn much.

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I thought the PN etched on the sensor would provide more clarity... think again...

Fluid Material property Cylinder Gas Rectangle

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The sensor says "Nissan" on it. It also says "Asm in USA" (assembled?).
After zooming in and out and changing the pic's contrast, I got three numbers. The last two have no results on Google.
459102 B 982
Searching the first one returns a sensor H8201312873 but could not find it new. Most sites have it as a used part from a Murano and Juke, some others use it as a reference for an aftermarket sensor.
So, removing the sensor was a waste time.

Unless someone has a different idea, I'm going to order DENSO 2344985 which is direct replacement of 226A04JM0B, 226A0BV80A and 226A0BV81A from Rockauto or Nissan OEM 226A0-BV81B, but these last guys want more than $40 to ship it which I think is excessive.

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Saga continues... and just got worse.
Got the sensor last week but was busy over the weekend fixing a stripped spark plug thread on my old Mazda 6 so I didn't have time to work on this until yesterday.
Ordered Denso 2344985 from Rockauto. Upon inspection, the sensor itself only has four numbers on it (1398), absolutely nothing else which makes me believe this is a generic sensor marketed and sold by Denso. Only the bag and box had the PN.

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Replaced the sensor and erased the codes. Went for a quick drive and the CEL came back... same codes o_O

Font Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Technology Magenta

This got me thinking if I made a mistake identifying bank 1 and bank 2 (as per all previously posted) so I decided to unplug the new sensor. Got this:

Organism Terrestrial plant Font Technology Screenshot

So, now everything was pointing at me making that mistake or my PF being backwards (with Nissan, everything is possible).
I decided to forget everything I knew about this topic and go read the 2014 repair manual.
Page EM-18 has this pic.

Rectangle Font Parallel Triangle Screenshot

This shows that cylinder 1 is the one at the back (close to the firewall) and that Nissan calls them 1,3,5 and 2,4,6 as shown. Other vehicles (like my Mazda and Ford) go by 1,2,3 and 4,5,6.

This diagram on page EM-31 shows all the sensors BUT it does not indicate which is the front of the vehicle
Font Parallel Diagram Auto part Schematic

Pages EM-32 and 34 show the following:

Rectangle Font Parallel Brand Paper product

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Design

This confirms that bank 1 is the one close to the firewall and that I made a rookie mistake and ordered (and replaced) the wrong sensor.
The issue now is that last night I checked and the sensor on that side is not accessible. The right axle its on the way.
The repair manual calls for a complex teardown to replace it.

Font Screenshot Parallel Number Pattern

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I also went and checked on Denso's website and aparently, the difference between the sensor 2 for bank 1 and bank 2 is the length of the cable. This would explain why other brands like NTK list the same PN for both banks.

Font Screenshot Technology Rectangle Number

Font Screenshot Rectangle Technology Parallel

But of course, I bought the one with the shorter cable... :(
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