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TL;DR - What are the acceptable values when testing the map? at rest with the ignition on a reading of 2.039v on the signal wire. At 6 inHg = 1.701v At 10 inHg = 1.497v At 18 inHg = 1.208v. Are these ok?

I have a 2007 Pathfinder. The issue is there is no power, I can confirm under normal use the turbo isn't doing anything - 1-2psi at best.

I have checked all the vacuum lines and they are ok, the actuator has been replaced as has the boost solenoid. The connection to the solenoid are correct. No boost leaks, intercooler has been checked also, it holds pressure fine.

When revving up to 3-4k the hot side of the turbo pipe (just before the intercooler) does not inflate or present resistance as it should.

If I manually pull a vacuum on the actuator line so that the wastegate is closed, I have full power, everything works fine. This leads me to believe something electrical is telling the actuator to dump boost all of the time?

I don't want to keep throwing parts, especially a MAP sensor at the car if its not the issue, so wish to test everything. The MAP has also passed the test of holding 15inHG of vacuum directly to the port without dropping pressure.

Could a faulty MAF sensor cause this issue? Any advice on how to test?

Any input is massively appreciated. TIA
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