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2013 Pathfinder SL, Connecticut, USA
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Hi everyone! My wife and I expect to pick up our new 2013 SL this weekend. We are migrating from an '02 Chevy Trailblazer.

I have a question about the tires. I know the PF has 18" rims with P235/65 tires. I have a brand-new set of the same dimension snow tires on 17" rims from the Trailblazer. Would it be worth my while to get a set of 17" rims that fit the Pathfinder so I can use them? Would that cause any performance problems, going from 18 to 17? I realize that I'll be fine with brand new all-season radials on a 4WD vehicle for this winter, but I'm used to having dedicated snows for our New England winters and just wanted some opinions as to whether it would be worth it. What do ya'll think?

Also, can anyone tell me the technical specs that I would need for 17" rims, such as offset, # lugs, hole spacing and hub diameter (yes, I've done this before :eek:)
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