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Hello gang,
Mark here, aka Mr Mayor.
My second Pathfinder, previous was an 08 model which was awesome, traded in with 130K, and prior was a '00 XTerra, 100k.

I bought this latest truck thinking about MPG, as I'm not normally a uni-body kinda yes, truck no. But it's sooo comfy and good on fuel, I couldnt pass it up. I drive A LOT. I've got 11k already and I bought it the week before Xmas. It's frikkin May! Thankgod I didn't lease.

My other toy (amongst many) is my little hot rod Miata, "Linda Blair", cuz she's possessed. 300HP in a 2100lb package. She's my summer project as 300HP just isn't enough for me. Right now she's apart and being massaged to hopefully 330+ with my happy-number at 350whp.

What else? I fish for large mouth Bass, I enjoy the occasional cigar, I ride ATV's but might sell soon.... Divorced but super-friendly and 1 handsome 11 yr old son, "mini-me".

And I tried out for MENSA once....

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