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Another item that the Rock Creek doesn't have is a auto dimming mirror. It has the old style mirror where you have to switch it back and forth. I haven't had a mirror like that in awhile so decided to upgrade since the weather finally dropped into the low 80's. I ordered the frameless auto dimming rear view mirror (T99L1-5ZW14)

The hardest part of the install was getting the old mirror off. I figured it had some type of hex or torx screw in it, but after going online I found it was where you have to stick a small screwdriver in and get it to release. Took a few tries but it finally came off. Everything else was super easy. I ran the wiring and tucked it under the headliner. I am waiting on a wire tap to hard wire the radar detector and then I will cover the wires with the wire cover that came with the mirror. Here is a pic of the 2 mirrors and one where I can the wire.


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