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Just wanted to say hi to the others out there. I just took delivery of a 2013 Pathfinder SL Premium 4WD in Dark Slate with black leather on Friday and we are thrilled with it so far.

This vehicle replaced our 2010 Honda Pilot, which was a decent car for us, but rode like a tank and was a horrible gas hog. My daily commute is mostly local, around 6 miles one way and lots of up and down hills. Despite developing my hypermiler skills, I could barely keep the Pilot around 15MPG with a very light foot. The best we ever achieved on a single highway trip was about 21MPG.

I know that commute will be tough for any car, given that it barely gets time to warm up, but I'm hopeful that the Pathfinder will do a bit better, particularly on family vacations.

Interesting side note - this was the second Pathfinder delivered to us. The first one evidently had a missing roof rail bolt and so the headliner was soaked shortly after I drove it off the lot. The dealer took the vehicle back and immediately found us a replacement, which is watertight ;) Here's hoping that will be our only issue with this vehicle. I am normally a Honda guy, but the last few Hondas I've had have been somewhat disappointing. I'm hoping our experience will be better with Nissan.
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