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Mods to allow 2018 PAthfinder CVT to be installed in a 2015

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My 2015 FWD CVT gave up the ghost this past weekend, so i am in the market for a reasonable used Transmission. There are several 2017-2019 transmissions available for around $1000, but no 2015-16s with usable milage for less than $2000. I also heard that the 2017 and newer CVTs were more reliable with better pumps and other components, so I would much prefer installing the newer 2017 Transmissions. My 2015 call for the 31020-3WX2D and the 2017+ calls for the 31020-3WX4C CVT transmission. The parts listings mentiion that a transmission swap requires programming. Can some of the parts be swapped to a 2017 or newer transmission to make it compatible with my 2015 pathfinder or can it be installed as is with the right programming?

Thanks in advance for any information.
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I don't think it will mount up given the 2013-2016 and 2017+ use different engines.
I know that the 2017 and newer engines use direct injection instead of port injection (the cylinder heads were redesigned) but I didn't know the block was changed, too. At least thats what it sounds like, so Nissan may have changed the block and reconfigured the bell housing bolt pattern for the trans. If so, why? Very curious so following this thread.
Apparently the engine block is the same. So, (in theory) it should be doable.

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