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I lost the key to my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and called AAA who sent out a guy to cut me a new key and chip it. Which he does, he starts the car, has me test it and it starts so cool I pay him and before he left I test started it once more. After that the next time I went to drive it the car won’t start. I ensured it wasn’t gas or anything else. Ran a diagnostic which told me this
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So I call the key guy to come back and fix it. Oh and I had a friend check the key I was left and opened it but there was no chip in it the way it should have.
Key guy comes back out, rather grumpily, first thing he checks the key in a handheld and I can tell he automatically knows the issue because he just goes blank faced then goes into his work van with it and comes back out less than a minute later saying it should work. Which it did. Another few times. But yet again when he left, the next day the car won’t start.
I read something about the key needing to not only be chipped but the specific key also must be registered to the car. Is that something that this guy was not doing properly? He was real uppity and even told me that he wouldn’t come back out unless I had it in shop with what he considered a reputable repair shop, making a point of saying the one near me was not his opinion of reputable. It all seems off. Any help is appreciated.
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