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2022 SL AWD Build Date Mar 2022
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I hear you and found something rather similar!
I picked up my Nissan on 3/30/22, and have a mere 1,639 miles on it so far.
After reading your posts and seeing your pictures, I felt like I was 'saved', as something similar is happening to my drivers seat as well. The passenger seat is fine.
Here are two pictures of the drivers seat and one of the passenger. (The sun glare was a challenge this morning. If it's not clear, let me know and I will take a couple more in better light! However, if you enlarge the picture, the loose leather is pretty visible.)
My first 6-month appointment is scheduled for 9/30/30. It was scheduled automatically when I picked up the car. I may move it back since my mileage in September may be too low (from my perspective) to take it in for the first service. However, whenever I do make the appointment, I plan to bring this to their attention.


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