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I just picked up my new 2013 Pathfinder SL w/ premium package. I love it so far. This was a replacement to my 2006 Subaru Tribeca. I got the white with black leather. I do have a couple questions

1. How do I connect my Ipod? I have last generation Ipod touch. I have it connected through USB. I hit the AUX button and the screen cycles XM1,XM2,XM3 and then i get an option for screen (wide, zoom etc) but no Ipod option like the manual says.

2. Is there a reset to the center info (between the tach and speedo)? It seems to have an hour meter and accumulated MPG. Not sure if this is a running total.

3. Is it necessary to use your garage door remote to program the homelink on a rolling code garage door opener? On my last SUV I just hit the learn button.

I did notice a small section of the headliner that dont quite meet the rubber trim like it should. Not a big deal. I will tell the dealer when I pick up the bumper protector later this week. Other than a few question I love the SUV. The ride is awsome!
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