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So this morning, driving to work, i found out my car is blowing little or no heat. After I got into the office, I went to do some google search and found out if the car is low on Coolant, it can cost heating issues..

I went to check the coolant level and it's indeed very low, I drove to AutoZone and asked the guy which coolant I should get for my 2014 pathfinder, he seems to know what he was doing and got me a coolant, and told me to put it into my car. Which I did. without looking at the instructions,.. I filled it to the max. (The coolant was concreted and it needs to be mixed with water by the way)

Drive back to the office, I realized the heat was still not coming on.. Then later when I drove back home, the heat was still not coming on and then a check engine light came on.

When I got home, I used my OBD reader and got the code as


I called my mechanic and he said this engine light doesn't have much to do with the concentrated coolant and I just need to replace the thermostat.

Is he right?

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The amount you added is not much compared to what is already in the system. It will not cause that error in such short time frame (if any).
I personally don't like the "all vehicle" type coolant, there are many different ones out there for a reason.
I'd change the thermostat and then drain and refill with the appropriate coolant. I believe its blue.
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