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Error Code - B1338

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In another thread HERE I have been querying a Flashing Airbag light on my Dashboard. The conversation was mainly to establish which Scanner is best to use and address the flashing light issue.

Having identified (I think!) the Error Code (B1338) whilst I await feedback from those who have provided suggestions and info on the best Scanner I have now trawled the internet for further guidance and to try to improve my understanding of what is going on.

I came across the attached document. Now whilst this applies to a 2011-2012 model and my car is a 2013, I understand that this will probably not be of any use to me. However looking at the pics in the attachment, particularly the yellow connector, this may be from where my issue stems. I have been replacing an interior passenger front door handle and at the same time was having a look at the window mechanism as the door glass is not going all the way to the top. In order to access the hole to get a look at the window mechanism, it was necessary to disconnect a yellow connector attached to the door panel. That yellow connector on my door looks suspiciously like the Yellow Connector in the pic of the attached document? Is there any agreement on this? If not, then my theory is junk! If it is the same connector, then it may be, per the words in the attachment, that a disconnection can results in a flashing Airbag light, just as I have! This being the case then, it seems to me that the Light simply needs reset??

Grateful for all input, thoughts and guidance. :)


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You are on the right track.
Read the attached, maybe you unplugged/plugged it incorrectly.


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Usually pen and paper... I've read many repair guides that start by: "Record the user's radio stations..." :ROFLMAO:
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