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Good home mechanic here. While on a long road trip with my family our pathy stalled without warning while at an idling stop in the hills on a good dirt road.

I started the engine by keeping my foot on the accelerator. The engine would sputter and misfire and then sometimes run normal.

I ended up trailering the pathy and bringing it home. It threw four codes: one for the driver side VVT solenoid, one for the passenger side VVT, one for shifting into 3rd, one for the IAC.

The two VVTs are good. The IAC solenoid is good. I’m betting it’s the ECM. So I ordered one from Flagship1. They sent it out and missed one digit in the VIN, fourth position. When I hook up the ECM, the immobilized system prevents it from starting. Flagship1 said it should be plug and plug and the ECM shouldn’t need the keys reprogrammed.

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