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Ears on subframe cracked

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I have a 2008 TI
I got my car checked structurally and this has come up along with 5grand worth of issues she has also now snapped belts and the alternator wheel has come off and she overheated so a tow truck ride home.

Ears on subframe for camber adjustment on LH side has been torn off and badly welded up. cannot do proper alignment unless change subframe.

Can this be re welded to get the ears straight or is she just a lemon and shouldn't bother with her anymore, I really love this car šŸ˜”

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I'm sorry, but I can't get much info from that picture other than it broke. Can you provide more information? I'm trying to figure out where that piece is located- is it front or rear?
Personally, I wouldn't want to try and weld it back. Sure, if done right it should hold up, but it will forever be a point of potential failure. I would always worry if it was going to snap while driving down the highway and having to make a quick lane change. The fact that it looks like someone tried to patch it makes me think it's been in a wreck and there may be other problems.
Since you mention the high dollar amount of getting things fixed, I would almost say look at another vehicle and see what it costs. It might be worth spending a little more than your repair costs to get something that is in better mechanical condition.
If you are at all mechanically inclined, an alternator can be an easy replacement along with the belt. However, depending on how bad it overheated you may have bigger problems with the health of the motor.
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