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Ears on subframe cracked

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I have a 2008 TI
I got my car checked structurally and this has come up along with 5grand worth of issues she has also now snapped belts and the alternator wheel has come off and she overheated so a tow truck ride home.

Ears on subframe for camber adjustment on LH side has been torn off and badly welded up. cannot do proper alignment unless change subframe.

Can this be re welded to get the ears straight or is she just a lemon and shouldn't bother with her anymore, I really love this car šŸ˜”

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It can be fixed as I just had it done to my 2014. You will need to find a competent welder as not all work on cars with a lift. Check out my last posts and you can see for yourself. BTW. Y alignment was self corrected once this was fixed. Additionally, tackle the problems in order of must vs should.
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