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Just in case anyone else needs this information.. The connector is located on the driver side to the left of the fuse box.

You'll need Part Number: T99F6-4RA0A (Accessory Service Connector)

Pigtail harness that allows connection of multiple electrical accessories.
Required for Electrical Accessories if not already installed on the vehicle for the accessories: Exterior Ground Lighting, Illuminated Kick Plates, Interior Accent Lighting, Frameless Rear View Mirror, Virtual Key

Networking cables Candy cane Eyewear Office supplies Audio equipment

Driver side connector location:

Electrical wiring Wire Technology Gas Computer hardware


Electrical wiring Cable Electrical supply Bag Wire

Props to Nissan for making this available. HUGE time saver when adding accessories (after the fact). :geek:

There's a second connector on the front passenger side too, right behind the kick-panel. I didn't get a pic of that one, but it's very easy to find. I hope this helps if you're trying to add accessories and don't want to hunt for constant/switched/ground wires...

Also working on getting the accessory harness pin-out info and will update this post once I have it.

Accessory wire harness diagram consolidated from Nissan accessory installation guides. There's probably a more complete version in the service manual, but I don't have access to it. Use at your own risk and consult with the service manual to confirm the complete harness diagram.

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