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Nice! Any before/after pics?
Here's a pic of the bracket removed, and with the box mounted before I got the caps. Notice the clamps land exactly where the brackets would be. This box is a Thule Hyper XL, which is the same dimensions as the Motion XT XL, but has a flat bottom all the way.
I found it easier to remove the entire rack to remove the brackets because of the small T25 torx bolts on the underside.
  1. Remove the 12 T40 torx bolts securing the rack to the roof. Carefully lift it off (it's light), and place it face down where you can work on it. I put it on a moving blanket to protect the surfaces.
  2. Remove the 4 T25 bolts that attach the bracket to the last cross bar. They are TIGHT and because of the size of the head, I actually twisted 2 bits, and was really afraid of stripping the head. Be careful. Use a quality hardened bit if you can.
  3. Turn the rack over, remove the 2 T40's that attach the bracket to the tube.
  4. Remove the 4 T40's that attach the last cross bar, tap it forward with a rubber mallet to allow the removal of the bracket.
  5. Reinstall the last cross bar. I also reinstalled all of the bolts to keep the holes clean of debris.
  6. Reinstall the rack.
The future installation/removal process will be easier because the T25's won't be as tight as before and I'll be able to work them with a 1/4" ratchet.
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