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In December I purchased the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SV for my wife as a Christmas present. When I gave it to her on December 22nd the sales representative went through all the features and functions of the vehicle including paring her phone with the vehicles Bluetooth system. At the time the sales representative couldn't get the device paired and said we could bring it back later so that someone with more experience could program it for us. (I'm cool with that, it was late in the day).

After all the husle and busle of christmas, we returned the vehicle to our local Nissan dealer to have them assist us with the pairing of the phone with the Bluetooth module in the car. After about 3 hours of attempting the dealer gave up and said they needed to contact customer support so they could trouble shoot the Bluetooth module. A few days later we returned to the dealer ship only to discover that the Bluetooth module installed in our vehicle was designed for the UK/Canada. The lady on the Bluetooth system does have a nice English accent. We were then informed they would need to replace the Bluetooth module with one designed for use with US/American phone systems.

I assumed (WORST MISTAKE EVER) that this should be fairly easy to do, just order the part and install it? [right?]

NO!!!! First off Nissan has made the Bluetooth modules on these vehicles VIN specific, so you have to have one that has been pre-programed to match your vehicles VIN. Second, Nissan doesn't have any of these spare units in stock yet.

Since late December we have been waiting for a Bluetooth module for this vehicle and to this date in February we still have not received the unit. Our dealer suggested we call customer support and open a customer complaint ticket. We did, but that was a complete waste of time. All customer support does is call us about one every 2 weeks to say that the part is still on back order.

My question to those of you who may take the time to read this is, has anyone else had a problem with the Bluetooth module on the vehicle, and what has been done to fix this problem?

Thanks, A semi-happy 2013 Pathfinder owner.
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