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Hello! Guys~ It's Unavi USA!

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UNAVI's core focus is OEM retention.
It is dedicated to engineering first-class systems, designed to add a new user experience and overall, convenience and safety for the driver.
Backed with above-average product warranty, the UNAVI CarPlay and Navigation systems are manufactured to the strict standards of the automotive industry, obtaining OEM-approved certifications from NISSAN KOREA Inc.

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Our Nissan CarPlay(Android Auto) product line caters to people wanting to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without the enormous expense to purchase a new car with built-in OEM CarPlay.
Our mission is to ensure all technology features from the factory are retained.
UNAVI is dedicated to the development and US local service of our simple Plug-n-Play installation, repair, and technical assistance by the industry’s professionals via our Nationwide Dealer Network.

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Removed bezels related to LCD monitor and radio

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Connect Unavi CarPlay settop to OEM display & sounds device

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Connect iPhone with CarPlay device with wired or wireless (Wireless : Option*)

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Enjoy CarPlay's all features what you want!

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Unavi California Pro Installer - "California Car Sounds" is an installation service that professionally sells and installs Unavi's CarPlay retrofit products for Infiniti, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Mini, Volkswagen, BMW, Lexus, and Honda, etc.
Unavi is the best brand of in-car interface & system, and our manufacturer is a certified Apple CarPlay & OEM-integrated navigation tier-1 vendor by Infiniti & Nissan Korea.
We provide a 2-year warranty for all CarPlay & Android Auto retrofit systems and support every tech support & delivery service on US local basis. Unavi USA is established in 2009 in the US and running a related business till now.

Store : 60 East Sunnyoaks Avenue #10th, Campbell, CA 95008
Hours; Mon~Fri 9AM~5PM, Sat 10AM~5PM

  • Install/Price Information : 714-657-2061 / Unavi USA
  • Book an Appointment : 408-378-0409 / California Car Sounds

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