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A/C issues in a 2008 Pathfinder

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Hey folks, I've got a 2008 v8 5.6L with roughly 240k km on it, and ive been having an AC issue I haven't seen anyone else talk about. My AC still has full temp control, but no pressure actually blowing any air, so if I hold my hand right to the vent at highway speeds when ambient air is being pushed through the system just from speed I can feel it as either hot or cold depending on temp setting, but just a faint breeze with no pressure. It's also started working again just a few times after hitting large potholes or offloading over bumpy terrain. I called a dealership and was told it's very rarely the AC fan itself as that's what I assume it was and asked about, I was told to look into the AC relay but from what I've seen on threads here that relay is integrated into the smart power distribution unit, so I'm not sure what to do. Any advice helps, thanks yall.
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If the fan is working at all, then it's not the fan or any relays. These have a blower motor resistor that when it fails, only works on low setting, which is not what people are used to seeing. The ac light on the button my flicker in other speeds. If that is the case for you, then that's where I would look. The fans do go bad on these but you said it's spinning, so I would move away from that being the issue.
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