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Greetings! I just got a fully loaded 2023 Platinum 4WD.

My previous ride was a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace Premium 20d. I enjoyed the ride while it lasted, but I put more than 100K on it, and it started to break down. Also, the local dealer's repair shop so far was my least favorite shop I have ever experienced, so it was time to move on. Another factor for changing rides was I needed a bigger car for my own part-time business.

After weeks of searching for vehicles that fit the description, Pathfinder made my list of cars to check out. After visiting quite a few dealerships and trying different cars, I was genuinely impressed with all the bells and whistles that the fully loaded Pathfinder comes with and the size of the car. And to be honest - the cabin of Pathfinder feels more luxurious than F-Pace's. I did check QX60 as well, but I could not see myself spending 15K or even 20K more to have the same options on the Pathfinder I ended up getting.

Cars are so advanced these days that I'll be monitoring posts to see if I can learn a feature or option that I am oblivious about but is useful. I started doing that with the F-Pace, and I learned something from their forum that I did not even think of.

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Congrats. I have 22 platinum and love it. Enjoy!!!
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