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For anybody who cares, or this may be helpful to, I purchased the official Nissan floor mats/liners for
my 2022 Pathfinder Platinum trim with captain's chairs. Below are a few images. These were purchased from
the official site. Currently running $148.75 compared to the
site asking $225.99 for them. They arrived in a tall box, not folded or rolled, and were a nice snug fit.
There were a few scuffs, and the Pathfinder logo was just black...compared to the images that appear,
at least to me, to have it stand out in silver. After install the smell of rubber is fairly strong, though I
am sure this will fade with time. Not sure if I will use them all year long or not, but 100% wanted them for
the wet/nasty winter and spring months here in Michigan.

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