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Incase anyone else is on the hunt, here is my experience with modifying the 2022 pathfinder. I tried to go with 285/50R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 but when they arrived they looked huge and were heavy. I felt like, if by some miracle they would fit, it would kill the performance of the car. So I decided to go with 265/50R20 Falken WildPeak AT Trail. On my 2015 Cherokee I had Falken WildPeak AT3, they were awesome tires in AZ and in Snow/Ice Flagstaff but were loud after 10K miles. I had the AT3s for 30K miles and still looked new, so I decided to stick with the Falken Brand again, but something milder.

I know this is just my opinion, and others have different goals. But, Man I think these tires look amazing... They have just the right look I was going enough AT like look, but ride comfort and sound is just like OEM. Although im only @ 100 miles on them as of this post, so ill come back and update if my opinion changes on noise level.

I think 265 wide is perfectly wide enough tire for this car, please know in person the setup looks better, so if your on the fence about 265 wide tire, don't worry it looks good. Also no rubbing at all, which was another reason I went from 285/50 --> 265/50. The wheels do stick out a bit more about 1/2" But I think is ok. Any more than that and I don't think I would of liked it.

Details If Anyone is curious.

1. Piano Black OEM Grill Dealer Ordered (Easy Change out DIY 30m)

2. HyperDip Flat Black the chrome side pieces (DIY 2hrs) The color is off from stock plastics, I might want to do this in a flat gray later if it bothers me. But for now its better than chrome.

3. Wheels: Enkei YX-5 20x8.5 +40mm Ebay - 1200
4. Hub centric rings 72.6 to 66.1 Amazon - 20
5. McGuard Wheel Kit Black SplineDrive. 65554BK M12x1.25 they came with some plastic/ruber cabs to protect the lug nuts in transit, but Discount Tire installed them and they look ok, so ill leave as long asthey last before pulling off. 115

6. Tires: Falken WildPeak AT Trail 265/50R20 Discount Tire 1400 Installed & Protected(Certs)

7. TODO - Black Pathfinder Back Badge on order from Dealer: 45 bucks, better price than eBay. When done ill only leave the PATHFINDER & 4wd badges.
8. I would love your guys thoughts on what to do next? Waiting for K&N Intake Filter to come out?

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