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2020 Nissan Pathfinder S
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So it’s a few things I’m concerned about. There is something wrong with the driver side passenger door on our 2020 pathfinder. It does not latch correctly. It just bounces back open. Nissan said it’s because it’s brand new car .. they put some white stuff on the hinges and latches and sent us on our way. That was our first visit. Well since then it’s getting worse. In cold weather it does not close at all. Ugh. Also the infotainment system does not recognize my apple iPhone 11 Pro. It keeps an error message or it doesn’t acknowledge the phone at all. Even after a phone upgrade, this still occurs. Plus the radio changes stations on its own. Same issue. So I emailed and emailed and called and then I put in a complaint to Nissan Canada.

Today we took it in AGAIN .. after 2 hours of waiting they said they could not replicate our problem. They adjusted The door and it’s fine. They plugged in their apple phones and it worked out fine. So it must be a setting in my phone. Okay. Interesting.

The service guy says let’s go out together (Again) and ill show you. Plug in my phone. Same problem. Hmmmm... it’s fixed though. My hubby gets in the back seat to see(the same side we have an issue with) Service guy(who is fantastic mind you) says I’ll show you my phone.. it works fine. Plugs in his phone and — it’s the SAME issue. Wow. But it’s fine You said. The guy was like no that’s not right. Let us look again. Hubby gets out of the back seat and shut the door. We all heard him shut it. It FOR REAL bounced back and did not latch. But wait a minute.... you told us that you adjusted the door... more white lubricant is not adjusting anything. But okay. Why is it still not closing????

I was done right then. So Nissan is keeping my car this time. Sent us home in a rental, is Contacting Nissan tech to figure it out for the infotainment issue and honestly said they not sure about the door but they will figure it out. That’s a start at least.

Lastly, there is no Nissan connect in the vehicle?? How is that so for a 2020 Nissan???
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