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Hi all.

I just ordered/bought a new Pathfinder Ti.

Now as it was March it is the best time to by a car from one of the Jap manufacturers, I was offered the exact car I wanted by a dealer for a great price.

This dealer was quite a drive from where I live but I happen to be passing through the area anyway so I called in. Had a drive in the car etc all good, I already drove the ST-L at my local Nissan dealer anyway. I went to 4 local dealers within 30 min drive of my house, querying prices etc only 1 was prepared to match the price. the others were $2-3K off the mark.

Now the car in the original dealer was MY2015, as it was coming up to the end of the Jap FY they obviously want to clear the showroom floor of old stock. My Local dealer offered me the same price for MY2015 or for an extra $1500 a MY2016, in the scheme of things $1500 is not much when resale value is based on MY.

I had a look at a few reviews online and I noticed a few subtle differences between the 2015 and 2016. My question is there any more?

I watched

On the drivers console the Trip display is missing on the 2016

here you can see it on 2015

Surely this is a backwards step?

Also in the box under the drivers Arm rest on the 2016

there seems to be a little space for pens and coins etc

but was not in the 2015 model.

Anyone have a MY2016 which would have been release Dec15? what your thoughts?

Here are the videos

2016 Pathfinder Platinum

2015 Pathfinder Platinum




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I prefer the 2015 odometer to be honest. that removal of middle bottom looks weird....

I have no idea what Nissan is thinking... probably to cut cost
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