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Hi all! Just bought a 2015 Pathfinder S and have some questions. First off I obviously did not do my research as I was not aware of the transmission issues. Previous owner traded up at the Nissan dealer for a newer pathfinder. I then came along and bought it from dealer.

I intend to use the pathfinder to tow a 3000 lbs camper. I’ve a after market hitch and wiring on order.

question 1: With all the tranny issues on here... does a aftermarket tranny cooler help? I have not seen any mention of this on here nor see help videos on the net. That’s weird for such a common problem. No one has looked into this? There must be someone...

question 2: Is the issue solely a heat issue with the tranny? Anyone monitor the temp?

question 3: I’m not familiar with cvt gear changes. At what rpm should the trans sit at coasting on highway? And when gear changes?


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Welcome to the forum !

An aftermarket wiring harness is ok for lighting but if you plan to use a brake controller, not all will work as you need to plug into the OEM connectors (in the trunk) that go all the way to the front where the brake controller connector is located. Yes, yours has it.
Not sure where did you read that the issue with the PF's transmission is related to heat. It is not.
ALL R52 PF's come equipped with a transmission cooler... and a transmission heater. The issue is around the valve body and fluid flow. Most shudder issues have been fixed by replacing that part but have not been able to confirm if there is an upgraded PN.
CVT's do not have gears. The 2015 introduced what Nissan called D-Step shifting which simulates shifts as many people didn't like the "drone" feel of the CVT's. The ratios on the CVTs are highly variable and a slight incline on a flat highway will cause the RPMs to increase. You'll get used to it and learn how to manage it by slightly pressing/depressing the gas.
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