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I'm shocked at all the negative comments left by owners of the older pathfinders, saying things like.....

As a previous owner of two generations of Pathfinders, I am apalled at where Nissan has taken this vehicle. This isn't a Pathfinder, it's a 7 seat Murano, only uglier. This blob is what you get when you mix a Jeep Compass and Lincoln MkT...and then pee on it.

Definitely, Nissan should have discontinued the Pathfinder name and not insulted it's memory with this sad turn of events. It might be a good enough vehicle, but it sure isn't a Pathfinder.
I know it lost it's truck-like characteristics but times are changing and the pathfinder can no longer be a big and heavy V8 pushing SUV. Nissan needed a mainstream fuel efficient mid-sized SUV and this is the result.
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