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2002 Pathfinder Starting Issues

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I am having an issue with my 2002 Pathfinder SE. This has happened a few times in the past but seems to be happening more and more frequently. You go to start the vehicle, turn the key to start and all the dash lights will come on and look normal. But nothing happens, no clicking or anything. What I have to do is shift it out of park and then back into park firmly, then it will start. It used to only take one time of doing this but now it can take several times of repeating those steps before it will start. I have looked and looked on YouTube with no luck and have looked on here to no avail. Please help.
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There is a switch in the shifter that allows the vehicle to turn ON when in Park or Neutral. Not sure if its one for both or just one.
The issue could be the switch or a worn shifter with too much play in it.
I suggest you take it apart and see if the switch is just loose.
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