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Hi folks - I just replaced a front L strut on my friend's 2000 Pathfinder with 359,000 original miles. Yep - this vehicle is totally my hero. It's in great shape, runs like a new one and is in good shape overall. Well maintained. It is a 2WD model, also.

Upon doing 50 mile test drive, the truck has an odd suspension issue. When letting off of the throttle, it pulls to the left and when on the throttle, it pulls to the right. When letting off of the throttle quickly, there is a pretty pronounced jolt as well. Not so much of a jolt when getting back on throttle, though but not as harsh.

When letting off throttle abruptly, the rear end of the truck sort of sways back and forth (right, left, right). The opposite happens when getting back on throttle quickly.

When gently letting off throttle, it veers left, when back on throttle, veers right. The same happens when getting on and off throttle abruptly versus gently - there is just no rocking motion in the rear of the truck when doing it gently, but ultimately it's the same result. On throttle = veer right and off throttle = veer left.

This is a vehicle with nearly 360,000 miles, but fortunately has held up amazingly well with good maintenance. Where should I start looking? I'm thinking something in the suspension on the rear with rubber parts.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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