Hello, new here but long-time Pathy fan. I had an ad up here earlier but after I edited it, it disappeared for some reason, so I am reposting.

I’m selling my 1996 SE after many Adventures together, but nothing extreme. It has only had two owners and has had regular documented maintenance since I’ve owned it since 1998 (inc. timing belt which is not due for awhile). Clean inside and relatively unscathed.

It’s never let me down except when the starter went out and that was replaced not long ago. It was inspected at the dealer recently and only had minor issues which have since been resolved. Stock except for a grill guard. Fun Green Pearl DN1 color which has some minor issues.

It does have some good miles on it (233K) and a back door problem that doesn’t bother me. The back door unlocks with side panel button on front door or with clicker, but back door or back window do not work with back key lock.

I would like it to go somewhere where it would be appreciated rather than to some random Craigslist person. That being said, more detailed info is on Bend, OR Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Thanks for your interest!