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1995 Nissan Pathfinder
Auto trans
V6 3.0

—-No power hit the gas at idle, falls on its face and then slowly accelerates.
—-Under a load you can barely pull through an intersection
—-smells like it’s running lean has white smoke only once in a while
—-new TPS going in soon
—-has 10% throttle all day lots of power revs hard and f I push it too hard
—Vacuum lines were every which way and the fuel regulator had no vacc line when I got it
—ran 3 cans of seam foam through oil, intake, and tank
—Had it running a lot better before vaccum lines were sorted as well as exhaust leak
—Looking into O2 sensor after TPS
—Tach reading but not accurate at all. (Only shows low rpm) or moves very slowly

—When you hit gas hard makes a low bellow and pulls through… eventually
—has intermittent power breaks where she wants to go (bucking very intermittently and not always)
—New timing belt (not done by me) skipped a tooth?

New radiator
New thermostat (not done by me)
New coolant
New fuel filter
New spark plugs (not done by me) gap?
New ignition coil
New spark plug wires
New distributor rotor
New distributor cap
Fresh Pennzoil high mileage 5W-30 synthetic oil
New Valvoline full synthetic ATF transmission fluid
New air filter
New PCV valve
New rear glass struts
New rear tailgate struts
New side marker assembly
New Rain X Wipers front and rear
New exhaust gasket front of cat (two header flange small leaks)
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