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Looks like a brake line to me but with that oil filter where it is, you could just have used engine oil from sloppy changes if dealers did them. My Murano was proclaimed by multiple people to have a leak in axle seal at the TC. I carefully have watched and it simply isn’t leaking. My theory is that it’s sloppy ass oil changes where they got oil all over the a-arm and no telling what else, and it’s moving backward with wind and time over parts right behind it. Nothing is leaking, so what else could it be?

Disclaimer: the TC was drained, refilled, checked with oil coming out now twice, confirmed no leak. No visible leaks anywhere after being cleaned twice with shop towels.

Dealers wanted $2000 to reseal the TC.

Be very, very careful with fluid leaks on the front end of these Nissan 3.5 vehicles. Think it through.
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