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  1. Boat Towing with 2015 Nissan Pathfinder

    2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder SV that is FWD. I am thinking of buying a fishing boat, but before I make the purchase I want to make sure I won't have issues getting off the boat ramp. The boat I am looking at has a combined weight of roughly 2500 lbs. Has anyone experienced issues getting...
  2. Can it handle 2200 mile trip with 6x12 Cargo Trailer?

    I'm planning on cross country move with 6'x12' cargo trailer from u-haul. My estimated mileage I would be traveling is around 2200 miles, from Oklahoma to Seattle. Do you think my pathfinder can handle this long trip with trailer in this spec? What is the max cargo weight can I comfortably...
  3. Towing a boat...

    Hey everyone. So we have a new 2020 Pathfinder with a rating of 6000 lb towing capacity. We just ordered a boat and hoping the Pathfinder will handle it well on the boat ramp pulling it out. We think it’ll be fine but as a first time boat owner, we are nervous about the unknown... We have a 21...
  4. Warranty Question

    Pathfinder Warranty and Service Issues
    So I have a 2017 with the 100K mile extended warranty. I added a class III draw-tight trailer hitch. It's designed for the vehicle and required no cutting or drilling, straight bolt on design. I also installed the interior portion of a 7 pin wiring harness, again, designed for the vehicle, no...
  5. Front hitch

    2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    Hello, 2018 Pathfinder owner here. We recently purchased an A frame travel trailer and would like to bring along a generator from time to time. The only reasonable spot to place it (outside the RV) would be on a front mount (bumper) rack. It seems that there are none made for model years after...
  6. 2013 Nissan pathfinder off-roading

    2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    What upgrades can I do to my pathfinder to make it better at off-roading and towing, and where can I get them? ---Such as--- ~ Lift kit ~ Suspension ~ Air intake systems ~ Towing packages ~ Snorkel ~ Bush grills ~ Mudflaps ~ Wheels ~ Tires
  7. 2018 squat with towing ~5,000lb camper

    2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    We have a 2018 PF 4x4 SL and with towing capacity of 6,000lb. We recently bought a camper with dry weight of 4,000lb and equalizer hitch. The PF tows the camper, loaded to about 4,800lb at max, beautifully, except for some squat. We are about 3inches in sagging with the camper riding level. We...