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  1. R52 Suspension / Steering / Brakes
    Hello! I'm fairly new to the pathfinder forum and have been crushing out reading posts on builds but ended up deciding to make my own post to hear what recommendation the pros have for a rookie like me. I mainly made my purchase this year on my 2017 pf S, so I can carry gear down back roads and...
  2. R51 (2005-2012)
    I am new to the forum and was just wondering if anyone has an idea on lift kits with their pathfinder, I want to get new shocks and coils and am looking towards a webco lift kit on eBay because it is extremely cheap and don’t have deep pockets atm. The coils are fine but might need some insight...
  3. R52 Tires / Wheels / TPMS
    Hi All. I've got a Nissan Pathfinder Ti 2020 (right hand driven) . It's currently sitting at 17,000kms. It just had the first service at 15,000kms and due to lockdowns in NZ its rarely driven. I just found rear left tire being abnormally worn off compared to other three tires. It's going be...
  4. R52 Suspension / Steering / Brakes
    Just purchased a 2020 SL and will be installing an after market tow package. What I’m wondering is, will the factory installed rear suspension be strong enough for a #4000 trailer plus cargo? That’s in addition to passengers in the third row seat. Thank you for any help.
  5. R52 Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    What upgrades can I do to my pathfinder to make it better at off-roading and towing, and where can I get them? ---Such as--- ~ Lift kit ~ Suspension ~ Air intake systems ~ Towing packages ~ Snorkel ~ Bush grills ~ Mudflaps ~ Wheels ~ Tires
1-5 of 5 Results