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  1. 2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone, Does anybody know how to show time on the middle display. It shows temperature, but cannot figure out how to enable Current to Time Display on it.
  2. Pathfinder Fuel Economy Discussion
    Hi Everyone. I'm pretty new to this forum and I believe this question might being asked 100 times. But i cannot find any source related to RH Driven PF Fuel efficiency anywhere. I've got a 2020 PF Ti in New Zealand (Oceania model). I'm only getting 7.6km/L or 13 L/100KM out of my car. No...
  3. 2013 - 2021 Pathfinder Issues/Problems
    Hi guys, while checking under my front passenger seat, I just found this loosen plastic piece. I cannot figure out where this fits in. It looks important and it got "NA" written on it with and arrow. I know it sound silly, but can anyone help me.. thanks..
1-3 of 4 Results